Transregio 27 - Neutrinos and Beyond

Meetings of the TR27


Speaker Title
Stefan Antusch (MPIK) (Non-)Unitarity of the Leptonic Mixing Matrix
Marcel Kimmerle (Uni-Tü) Present Status of CRESST Data
Prof. Dr. Fritz Bosch (GSI Darmstadt / Uni Kassel) Observation of Non-Exponential Orbital Electron Capture Decays of Hydrogen-Like 140Pr and 142Pm Ions
Christian Isaila (TUM) Cryogenic Light Detectors
Sabine Roth (TUM) Thermal Detector Model for Cryogenic Composite Detectors for the Dark Matter Experiments CRESST and EURECA
Tina Pollmann (MPIK) Pulse form analysis in liquid argon
Chiara Coppi (TUM) Bulk quenching factor measurements of CaWO4 at mK temperatures with neutrons
Joachim Kopp (MPIK) Oscillations of Moessbauer-Neutrinos