Transregio 27 - Neutrinos and Beyond

Meetings of the TR27


Coffe break

Udo Schmitt (A2):
"Development of a Tritium monitor detector for KATRIN"

Daniel Greiner (A6):
"Status of Double Chooz"

Stefan Schönert (A3/A4):
"Status of the GERmanium Detector Array for the search of neutrinoless double beta decay in 76Ge"

Klaus Eitel (B1):
"EDELWEISS: Status of background investigations"

Jean-Côme Lanfranchi (A5/B3):
"Development of Cryodetectors"

Werner Rodejohann (C1):
"Broken μ-τ symmetry"

Mohamed Saleh Jousef (C5):
"Description of double beta decay in deformed nuclei"

Jürgen Winter (A7):
"Low Energy Neutrino Astronomy"

Markus Horn (B1):
"Simulations of μ-induced background in EDELWEISS"

Beate Bornschein (A1):
"Status of the KATRIN tritium source"

Gerhard Deuter (B2):
"Pyroelectri Ion Accelarator (PIA): Neutron Source for CRESST recoil calibration"
Bernhard Müller (C3):
"New Neutrino-Nucleus Interaction Rates for Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae"